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Note: All dates are set in dd/mm/yy format.

Long time no update. Not too much progress has happened over the past few months, but I could say that I've been working on several projects - Trap Designer, Combatant: From Peasant to Knight, and some ghostbusting game. Oh, and perhaps a couple more projects lying beside it.

As for other news, the DME forum is currently a base for the discussion of a team project which everyone's invited to join. I've also uploaded a simple copy of the Scratchware Manifesto onto the Archives. I found it on the Home of the Underdogs website and I'd highly recommend reading it if you're a game lover. Besides that, that Photoshop tutorial I mentioned earlier is coming along and I'll probably finish it as soon as I regain the motivation.

So, here it is - The results of the competition. The gold medal goes to Rycon, silver goes to Fire Enterprise Productions, and bronze to Juli@n. I've placed their names on the competition page along with their submissions. Sorry to the rest of you who didn't win. It was a close one between Rycon's and Fire's logos, but I guessed I picked Rycon's one due to size and attractiveness. Fire's logo was really good, but it just didn't have the initial appeal Rycon's had.

Aside from logos, I'll probably put up another competition as soon as I decide on an improved trophy look. I'll probably release a short article on Photoshop and maybe even put some info on Combatant: From Peasant to Knight someday...

All right, the competition ends today. I've seen some fine submissions, and I can say that the competition certainly hasn't gone to waste. We'll have the winners of the competition and the new logo announced sometime later. Thank you all for your cooperation.

Hmm... long time no update. I've added a competition page, which currently has our first competition running. Yes, I said I was gonna get us a new logo, but since I'm fresh outta ideas, I'll ask someone else to do it.

Our first competition doesn't really have much to offer in terms of material rewards, but it's there as a 'just for fun' competition. We just offer a semi-immortalized position on the Competition page as well as a spiffy digital trophy. OK, so the trophy's not very well designed, but look at the way the light shines off it. What do you expect from someone who can't even make his own logo?

Now all that's left to do for the site is putting something on the projects, reviews, and archives, as well as putting up the rest of Gafy's games on the games page. Did I mention that the forums are up?

The forums are up and I've added a few more links to the Links page. I'd add an URL to the Crazysoft site, Maybe I'll get a button to replace those text links some day. And while I'm at it, perhaps the logo should be updated as well. The members page actually has content in it now and I've also added Legend of Baldric to the games page.

This site would look so much better if it wasn't for Tripod's advertisements. Oh well... not many would offer a reliable server for free that allows 20 MB and an unlimited period of idleness.

Updated all the pages. Now all of them are slightly better graphically and a few actually have content in them. Devious Method Entertainment (previously known as Freebor Games) had this little tradition of putting a non-graphical version of the site since the very first site. However, that non-graphical version was ancient and updated only when I remembered that it existed. So, now, I've decided to design the site so that it should be navigable even if the viewer turned off all graphics in their browser.

Finally, the new site layout has been completed! All we need now is to put something on the other pages. It's time for a new start with Devious Method Entertainment. Maybe we should also use a new logo.

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